“Rebuild” Education Summit

COVID-19 has changed education systems forever. As part of UNESCO’s World Teachers’ Day events, please join us on the 9th October at 12:00 BST for the “Rebuild” Education Summit, a global conversation on how teacher leadership can rebuild education.   Hosted by the Varkey Foundation, “Rebuild” will bring together different voices to collectively reimagine the future of education.

The event will hear from some of the world’s best teachers on how they have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.    It will convene discussion groups for hundreds of participants to think about education in a post-COVID world. And it will attempt to answer three critical questions about the future of education: How do we reopen schools safely? Identifying innovative models of teacher leadership and best practice from reopened classrooms and schools; How do we rebuild education? Learning from teachers around the world about what’s worked and what hasn’t worked for their students during global school closures; How do we reimagine learning? Reimagining education systems to put quality and equity at the heart of the learning process post COVID-19.
Register http://tfaforms.com/4852004  
The summit will be in English, with translation in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian.   Please register or invite any other teachers that would be interested in joining the conversation.    We look forward to seeing you at the summit!   The Global Teacher Prize team

Best Idea 2021 Competition

Asociatia CESAER (Conference of European Schools of Advanced Engineering Education and Research) a lansat call-ul Best Idea 2021 Competition.

Competitia se adreseaza studentilor și doctoranzilor din cadrul universitatilor membre ale asociatiei, incurajand colaborarea in echipa pentru a cauta idei noi si interesante in domeniul sustenabilitatii. Modalitatea in care stiinta si tehnologia contribuie la sustenabilitate este principala directie de la care a pornit aceasta initiativa. 

Etapele competiției:

I. In data de 15 octombrie 2020, între orele 14.30-16.00, studentii sunt invitati sa participe la un workshop online in care le vor fi prezentate etapele competitiei;

II. Studentii va trebui sa trimita un abstract pana la data de 31 ianuarie 2021;

III. În vara anului 2021, echipele selectate vor fi invitate sa participe la o conferinta gazduita de Royal Academy of Engineering in London;

IV. Castigatorul competitiei va fi anunțat la reuniunea anuala a membrilor CESAER din octombrie 2021, care va loc la Lund (Suedia). Laureatul competitiei va fi premiat cu 20.000 de euro.

Informatiile complete referitoare la competitie se regasesc accesand link-ul: https://www.cesaer.org/news/best-idea-2021/